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Mindful living?
Relief from anxiety?
Healing from Trauma?
LGBTQI knowledgable professional?
An open minded helper?
A therapist trained in unique lifestyle needs such as kink and polyamory?
A counselor you can actually afford to see?

Welcome to the internet home of EJ Millstone, LPC. I'm a counselor located in Tucson, Arizona. I work with your dreams, your goals, and your budget to guide you on the path to wellness. If you believe you would benefit from counseling but aren't sure you can afford it, don't wait any longer to care for yourself! Call today to schedule an appointment:




Individual Counseling

One-on-one attention focused on your goals.

Relationship Counseling

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our relationships can go a bit pear shaped.

The Daring Way™

A 12 week focus on vulnerability and courage.

Professional Consultation

For counselors, coaches, and other helping professionals.

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