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Professional Consultation

I became licensed and opened my private practice in 2005. Since then, I’ve focused my work, my training and my experience on working with clients who identify in ways that would place them in a “sexual or gender minority” group. My experience is that many therapists and coaches want to help clients like mine but are often overwhelmed, confused or simply uninformed on the relevant topics.

I am happy to offer consultation on the following topics for therapists, counselors, and coaches:

  • Kink-identifying (including BDSM, D/s, M/s, identified fetishes, etc.)
  • Polyamory/Open Relationships/Non-Monogamy
  • Gender Non-Binary (including but not limited to Transgender Folks)
  • Other sexual minorities

I can offer consultation in person or by phone. My fee for consultation is $175/hour.

I’m now offering online video sessions through thera-LINK as well. I can offer consultation to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection! Let me know if you’re interested in this option when you contact me.

I also offer trainings on these topics for helping professionals, anything from a “101” education to how to work with clients on an ongoing basis (and not do them any damage through judgement or misinterpretation). Please contact me for more details!