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Relationship Counseling

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our relationships can go a bit pear shaped. The top reason people in relationships come to see me is simple: Communication. I often say that I work as a translator for people who are trying to talk to each other but finding blocks around understanding, empathy, patience, sexuality, infidelity, lots of other things, and (let’s be real) taking out the trash. While I tend to assume most people begin relationship counseling with the goal of “staying together,” I am not focused on a particular outcome for your relationship. Instead, I work with you to support whatever needs to happen as the relationship progresses.

I also provide special services for those interested in expanding their relationship in new ways. I am experienced in helping people navigate the fun and sometimes intimidating waters of open relationships, kink, sexual fetishism, long-distance relationships, gender affirming transitions, and more.

I offer counseling for all kinds of relationships–family (adults only please), friendships, partnerships, romantic entanglements, married couples, divorcing couples, D/s folks, kitchen table poly fam, and more.

Sessions are typically between 50 and 60 minutes in length. I don’t recommend more than an hour per week of counseling. My fee is $120/session. I do have a sliding scale, please contact me if you need to use it. I also take a few insurance plans including Blue Cross, Blue Shield and United.

I’m now offering online video sessions through thera-LINK as well. If you live in the state of Arizona, I can see you virtually! Let me know if you’re interested in this option when you contact me.

If you’re curious about my particular treatment style, click here.